Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Tree and A Dream

My dreams will one day go
Beyond that tree in the courtyard,
Whose gaze meets my doubting eyes
While I sit steady caressing the firmness with my eyes
The window panes delude me
While they partially hide your form
Real or a trifle fantasy but I know
My dreams will reach the soul of the tree.
And one day I will lie beneath it's shining shade
All full of this alive death; as I slip into the limbo.

My dreams will one day soar and fly high
They will go beyond the calm
And will reach the turbulent tranquil sea
Only to meet you by the side of the soul tree
And bathe in the red from the setting sun
And dry in the warm moonlight
The coming dawn shall usher purity out of adultery,
Which was committed while sleeping in the moonlight
With the essence of the burning sun deep embedded in my flesh.

My dreams will one day breathe and sustain
And will go beyond my life and it's feeble mortality
It will reach out to the doomed domination of the  death
And will go overlapping this boundary
And will reach the eternal tree of my dreams

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