Thursday, March 6, 2014

Teddy in a bag

Sitting pretty all done and ready
Suffocated all tied up and wrapped
In the pretence of preserving the innocence
Lies the Teddy in a bag of silence
Shouting screaming sobbing
But to no avail; innocence has its value in silence
When a mind thinks and worse it speaks out
It's blasphemy beyond all measures
Where ignorance and innocence are synonyms
Knowledge wears the crown of the highest sin
And the soul which strives freedom is gagged
Put as a show for the innocence lusting eyes.
The pout so pretty is but a muffled scream
An agony to be freed efficiently subdued
The eyes so pretty do bleed tears
And the throttled whispers reach no one
The scars of innocence writ large
Sits the Teddy quietly in a plastic bag.

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