Monday, February 17, 2014

Over Rated Love

When I thought it’s gone it was still there
In there but gone now-moments,
I saw the beginning and never the end
But when I see it going away
I feel all my notions were false
Is falling in love over rated?
Or falling out of love so under stated
That in one moment I saw you
And the other I wished you melted away.
Is it me or the rule of the world?
To look out for new pastures
And leave neglected the grasslands once grazed
Is being fed on the continuous fodder of love so necessary
Or it’s an illusion created by the addicted lot?
And if it’s necessary, why am I not dead already?
I have lived so much in loveless paradise
That now being in love is suffocating
My wandering thoughts meander
And end abruptly few miles after it started
I end up in despair and I look back
I see I am stuck; I went nowhere
You sit beside me and I know you will.
I do care for you and I know I will.
Then why to over rate love?
Why to impose the hollowness without love
When the vacuum is survivable?
Why to brood over not having love?
Is love so necessary? No it’s over rated
And the existence of the needs
The need for companionship is so under stated….


  1. Excellent as usual. I would add, " I dont want only to be loved, but to told that I am loved, the realm of silence is large enough beyond the grave."

  2. Felt over rated love create obligations to reciprocate the same way. But then love would lose its meaning.....Good one!

    1. Thanks Sibi. Has love even got a fixed meaning that it will lose its meaning?