Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Clipped Wings??

Will you be flying Honey?
No you won't be flying honey.
Why said I? Oh Why said I?
Can't you see it from your eye?
Your wings are meticulously clipped
Just to avoid your being slipped.
Your bound not to sore high
So, should I sit back with a sigh
No, fly but not tither.
Make sure this path here
Is the one chosen for thou.
But I can't fly can only crawl slow

I don't want to crawl, no, never
I just hope myself to be my saver
And I fly with my clipped wings
Let the world shout, let them sing
The old cacophony of the norms
I am not going to bargain soul for a form.

I am not striving the road supposed to be taken
And my faith in myself won't be shaken
Nay the storms come and shake me hard
Let the adversities be my miseries' bard
Let the world be angry and let it diffuse
While I will be worshiping my muse.

It will pain and doubts will rule the road
But never will my dreams be sung an ode
I am and so, I dream
Without it I cease to exist
So, while breaking in free verse
I let my dreams fly high
As my destiny is nothing but my right
I go and go and strive harder
Yes, this love costs
But not living the dream costs harder.
There is no shackle otherthan self  adorned
We are our own limitations
We are our own limits....
We are our own Freedom...


  1. What a wonderful lines, Datta! Simple yet powerful. I loved the last four lines the most. They are the essence of success and happiness.

  2. Wonderfully expressed Datta , loved the repetitions ..they have made the expressions more accentuated and eventually stronger... :-)

  3. Nice one Datta :)

  4. I was thinking along the same lines a few days back.. Like how all of us are birds with clipped wings or birds in cages.. Not a nice thought that..
    I loved the way you have written this.. :)

  5. Nice one. Both limitations and aspirations merge harmoniously.

    1. Thank You Sir! Your comments are always a precious addition to my learning.